East Ridgecrest at Pan Toll Rd
Mill Valley CA 94941

Theater Notes

× The Mountain Play Association presents an annual musical production in the natural outdoor Sidney B. Cushing Memorial amphitheatre on top of Mount Tamalpais. Located at approximately 1900 feet elevation, the theatre looks out over the San Francisco Bay Area and holds approximately 3750 patrons. With serpentine rock seating built by the California Conservation Corporation in 1936-38, the theatre is now part of Mount Tamalpais State Park. We owe our existence to a fortuitous outing on the wild slopes of Mount Tamalpais in 1912, when three gentleman hikers, stopped to admire the view. The beauty of the spot and natural amphitheatre formed by the hillside, provided the material for inspiration, and on May 4, 1913, the first Mountain Play was performed in front of 1,200 enthusiastic hikers.

For more information on the history of the Mountain Play and the building of the amphitheatre go to the History section of the website.
Capacity: 4030
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